Leveraging Cloud-Based Infrastructures


Modernize Your Financial Services

Consumers today demand an omnichannel experience. They require streamlined mobile applications, personalized user experiences and consistent access to their accounts. Multiple data stores, complex integrations and brittle technologies make it difficult for your IT to plan for, migrate to and operate in a new environment.


Maintain Compliance and security

The financial services industry is highly regulated in order to protect consumers and maintain the integrity of the financial ecosystem. But this regulation can impose severe burdens on the IT and Risk staffs of financial institutions. At Garanntor, compliance and data protection are foundational..


Reduce Infrastructure Expenditures

Due to massive investments in legacy infrastructure, financial services organizations often struggle with the idea of a concurrent opex and capex model. Garanntor helps you work through budget constraints.
You need the right cloud, at the right time, and we can help you achieve it.